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Why do you need Movavi to create slideshows

Do you need a tool to create a slideshow of your favorite photos? You may need a variety of transitions and the addition of special effects of course with a user-friendly interface. You must understand that every tool or software has its weaknesses and slideshow creator may be a software that minimizes the replacement of the tool for every operating system. Yes! Movavi is capable of serving operations by Windows and Mac OSX.


Movavi is very simple, meaning it allows every user to create multimedia presentations with just a few clicks. This software really provides various features that can make your presentation look very professional.

Get to know Movavi

This is a giant software company that focuses on editing photos, videos and PC screen capture. Movavi bore many products, one of the best is Movavi Slideshow Maker which provides a simple interface that is easy to understand by anyone. Movavi’s mission is to create a variety of software that is easily accessible and also sold at affordable prices.

Handy timeline

Movavi Slideshow Maker provides many unique features, one of which is the timeline feature. This feature provides great capability for you to make the appearance of each photo with the desired duration. This great feature can revolutionize the slideshow in the multimedia world. You will be able to more easily deliver various effects and transitions including interesting and inspiring music in your slideshow.

Special effects

Special effects are those that distinguish between professional works and amateur works. With Movavi Slideshow Maker you can add your own music as background music for your slideshow. Not just adding music, you can modify your music tempo and tracks. Of course all the modifications must be adjusted to the duration of your slideshow.

Provision of three categories for transition

Every transition you can add has three categories available; geometric, artistic and simple. Adna can add a title for each chapter with the goal of making each of your transitions more meaningful. All these advantages you can achieve and use without the need to enrich yourself with various theories about multimedia editing.

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