Top 5 Latest Mobile Phones

New mobile phones are released every year and keeping up with the latest technology can be difficult. If you’re in the market for a new phone, there are some excellent options that can give you everything that you need in one small package. Some of the major brands are continuing to release more and more impressive models, and some newer names are even starting to emerge too. Check out these top five mobile phones to buy this year.

Samsung Galaxy S10+

Samsung is an extremely popular brand for Android phones, and their latest in the Galaxy range is the S10 Plus. This smartphone is bigger than some other options and as points out, it has a cut-out space for the front-facing camera to allow for maximum screen size. In fact there are three camera options for great shooting modes and clear photos. The phone’s large battery makes it an improvement over the S9 Plus when it comes to power.

Apple iPhone XS

Apple iPhone continue to be one of the most popular choices, especially for those who don’t want an Android phone. The iPhone XS is a fast and powerful option for iPhone lovers or even for people who are looking for their first iPhone. It features Smart HDR for the camera and the latest model has improved battery life too. The design is similar to the iPhone X but it’s the inside of the phone that really counts, with its more powerful operation.

Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei has grown as a respectable choice for mobile phones over the last few years. The P20 Pro is a flagship phone that features triple cameras, which are an especially noticeable feature. As well as the great cameras, it has excellent battery life, which is always a priority for many. Another bonus of buying a Huawei phone is that the brand is less well-known than something like Apple or Samsung, which can help you to discover the great deals before they’re available on other phones.

Google Pixel 3 XL

The Google Pixel 3 XL might be the best camera phone available at the moment. The top quality camera experience is excellent news for anyone who uses their phone more for capturing their life than for staying in contact with others. It has a solid battery life too, as well as a large screen and fast operation. One downside is that there is no audio jack, but this is fine if you’re more likely to use wireless headphones or perhaps just use the two stereo front-facing speakers.

OnePlus 6T

If you’re looking for something different to some of the most recognizable names, the OnePlus 6T offers a flagship phone that’s more affordable. It features high-tech solutions like an in-display fingerprint scanner and its all-day battery life will keep you going for longer. The benefit of a lower price point makes it an appealing choice, even without the audio jack.

These new mobile phones are all great choices if you’re looking for something up to date.

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