Some Of The Major Retailers & Service Providers That Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the digital currency of the future, at least that’s what the experts say, and with more and more people using the Bitcoin payment system, retailers are gradually climbing on board. Bitcoin is a lot more than an investment opportunity, as the Bitcoin network is a great payment system that does not require a third-party handler, and in case you are wondering which major retailers accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, here is a list. 

  • eGifter – This online gift voucher website allows you to buy gift vouchers that can be used in stores that do not currently accept Bitcoin, including Amazon, the number one online retailer.
  • com – This was the very first major online retailer to accept Bitcoin in 2014, so you can buy that new laptop or portable TV and pay with cryptocurrency. Simply select the currency that wish to use and the system will automatically calculate the cost in Bitcoin. If you would like to start using Bitcoin, you can buy cryptocurrency Melbourne investors prefer from a leading Bitcoin dealer.
  • Newegg – This is another giant electronic retail company. You can pay for your new gadgets using Bitcoin, although Newegg does not accept Bitcoin as payment for a product that is made by another company. Once giants like Amazon get on board, this will likely have a domino knock-on effect, and before long, you’ll be able to walk into your local coffee shop and pay with Bitcoin.

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  • Shopify – This is an ecommerce platform that allows traders and individuals to sell their products, and it works in much the same way as eBay, acting as a go-between. In November 2013, the 75,000 merchants that use Shopify were all given the option of adding Bitcoin to their regular payment systems, which many took advantage of. For a long, updated list of major companies that now accept Bitcoin as a method of payment, a Google search will lead you to related articles.
  • Dish – This was the first satellite TV and Internet provider that added Bitcoin to their long list of payment gateways, and it isn’t likely to be the last. The experts are saying that as more and more consumers adopt Bitcoin, the number of retailers that accept cryptocurrencies will quickly rise, and if you are wondering what all the fuss is about with Bitcoin, why not download a Bitcoin virtual wallet and start buying some before prices climb?
  • PizzaForCoins – Yes, you can actually order a pizza online and pay with Bitcoin, providing, of course, that there is a pizza retail outlet that is involved with PizzaForCoins near you. There is a small payment that is added to your bill, which is perfectly normal.

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Bitcoin has tremendous potential, not just as a cryptocurrency, but also as a payment system, and as you can see, some of the retail giants have already climbed aboard the Bitcoin train, with many more scheduled to join them in 2019. We are definitely heading for a cashless society, and from what we have seen so far, it looks like Bitcoin is head and shoulders above the competition in the race to become the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

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