Investing in Vape Stocks

The vaping market is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. With many people resorting to vaping as a safer and healthier substitute to traditional cigar smoking, the vaping industry is projected to be worth more than $50 billion in less than 10 years. This is great news for investors seeking profitable industries in which to invest. Investing in this fast growing industry is a sure way of making huge profits on your investment.

Why Invest in Vape Stocks?

Steadily growing market: One of the reasons you should definitely consider investing in vape stocks in the rapid growth of the vape market. Ever since its introduction, vaping has grown so popular within just a short period of time. Statistics indicate that more than 20 million people from around the world are already vaping. It is believed that the actual number of vapors is a lot more than the 20 million. In 2015, the vaping industry was estimated to be worth $8 billion. By 2017, the industry had grown by a whopping $3 billion, recording $11 billion. This is definite proof of the rapidly growing market of e-cigs. The younger generations are also adopting vaping, a trend that shows vaping might overtake smoking in the near future.

Evolving technology: The success that has been achieved by e-cigarettes has motivated manufacturers to step up their creativity. Manufacturers are currently investing considerably in the technology behind e-cigarettes. Manufacturers are keen on enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of electronic cigarettes through technology to improve the vaping experience for users. Newer and better vaping products are continuously being released into the market, the next one better than the last. Vapors in search of better vaping experience are not sparing the cost to get enhanced vaping devices. This solidifies the market for vaping products.

Vape Only Stocks

Although it is highly profitable, investing in vape stocks can be quite challenging due to the limited number publicly traded vape-only companies. Some of the popular companies that deal in vaping products available for public stock trading include:

Turning Point Brands: The Company deals in both smokeless and smoking tobacco products. The value per stock for the company is between $17.48 and $20, which is ideal for stock investment. Despite being volatile, the value of the company has been on a generally positive trajectory.

Vape Holdings: The company deals in vaporizers and other products related to vaping. The company has had considerable financial issues over the past few years making it unideal for investment. The CEO however remains hopeful that business will pick up in the near future.

Other Notable Mentions: Big Tobacco Stock, Philip Morris International (Altria) ($103 per stock) and British American Tobacco.  You may have to visit website for more information.

Important Factors to Consider

Although the vaping market is profitable and popular, one needs to consider every angle before investing. Several regulations are being implemented around the world, some of them being very strict in vaping and related products. These regulations may come as an obstacle to the high profitability of vaping stocks. When deciding on whether to invest in vaping stocks, it is important that you conduct a research and establish the future of the industry.

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