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How To Know You’ve Got A Great Virtual Receptionist On Board

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A receptionist – virtual or physical – is the face of your company. They can become a big asset as they count for making a good and lasting impression for the brand. Due to this huge task, the role of a receptionist is seemingly not so simple and finding a great one might be even harder.

If you are looking for great virtual receptionists, ReceptionHQ is a fantastic provider who has hand-picked the best people for the job. Their staff are professional, friendly, helpful and go the extra mile to help customers.

When about to hire however, you want to be 100% sure of your choice. This is why this list of receptionist characteristics will help so you aren’t on a wild goose chase. 

Qualities Of The Best Virtual Receptionists 


Tactfulness is often overlooked but highly important. A good receptionist will put the customer first and remember business needs over being social and having a good conversation. They won’t leave customers hanging around whilst they finish a chat. You want someone who knows how to establish boundaries and can be strict to cut chats short when clients come in the building. 

They Are Open

A fantastic receptionist is great at starting new conversations and are open to meeting new people. Whether someone is from a different background, older, younger, whatever – it really doesn’t matter. A strong receptionist will be able to converse well with everyone. Being sensitive to cultures and knowing how to effectively communicate with everyone is essential.

Clear Communication

Having a direct and clear communicator as a virtual receptionist is essential for a business. Keeping it professional but conversing in an understandable way is a must for the individual. They should also have strong listening skills so that they can take on board questions and issues then reply clearly.  


A great virtual employer is proactive and quick to take on board feedback. Preferably, they will have experience and knowledge of the industry. If this isn’t the case, they will have demonstrated an eager attitude to learn and certain amount of adaptability.

They will also have the intelligence to tap into the dynamics and personality of the company. Therefore, they will be able to reflect this in their communication and become a part of the business efficiently.

As they are virtual, this will apply to their online and telephone skills specifically. They won’t be there in person so must perform well and react promptly to messages, calls and emails.

Just because they are virtual, they will still be as proactive as if they were in the office. They will take a keen interest in knowing the ins and outs of what a business does then applying this knowledge.

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