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How Having an EHR System Can Help Save Your Practice Some Needed Funds

In the old days, when you needed the assistance of a physician, you simply got treatment and either paid or traded to meet the bill. There were no computers with which to keep records and your patient list rarely exceeded the number of people in your village. There were no medical boards or the countless policies that exist now.

Running a medical office becomes more and more difficult every day and keeping up with the constant changes can be expensive. One of the ways you can help curtail your office’s costs is to invest in an electronic health record (EHR) system. Below are three reasons why.


As we are at the pinnacle of the flu season, offices are flooded with patients in need of flu shots and Tamiflu. Not to mention the need for decongestants and cough suppressants. That’s in addition to the rise in allergy medications, antibiotics for seasonal sinus infections, and all the other medication needs of a physician’s patient base.

Because time is of just as much importance as money, in most cases, writing out each separate prescription can be tedious and is now unnecessary. With an EHR system, you can eliminate the need for script books and save time and money simply by taking advantage of the opportunity to send your patient’s prescription to the pharmacy of their choice electronically.  

The Cloud

The Cloud has presented such a mixed bag of opportunity that trying to sort out the best parts can take the better part of a day. With that in mind, let us present a couple right off the top that you, as a doctor might take interest in. Saving patient records to the Cloud will save you money on copy paper right the bat.

Eliminating the need for paper records reduces the need for paper, thus your need to purchase it. Having your patient’s records saved electronically also reduces the chance that you or one of your staff will make a possibly deadly mistake by misreading orders and information. This can save you money on malpractice suits and tragic wrongful death cases.

Using the Cloud can also assist you in keeping track of hundreds of patients at once. If you maintain records properly, patients are never forced to redo paperwork. Not having to worry about this inconvenience can add to a patient’s satisfaction. In turn, they will recommend new patients bringing more money into your practice.

Appointment Reminders

Everyone and their grandma has the tendency to forget things. This includes medical appointments. Unfortunately, when they forget these, it costs you money. With an EHR system, you have access to an appointment reminder aspect.

This application simply keeps track of all appointments entered into the system and then sends out automated calls reminding patients of their appointment. Most will also give the patient the option to cancel or reschedule the appointment if they find they will be unable to make it.

This makes sure that you are making money with every hour you spend at work. A missed appointment is like having a hole in a pocket full of change.

The job of the healer is one of the most important in the world but is being inundated with policy and skepticism. This creates an environment in which making a living is difficult. Take advantage of the many money saving options an EHR can offer.

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