How Can Small Businesses Keep Up With Internet Innovation?

It is a given that any business, small or large, requires an internet presence, but with so many innovations and technological advancements, how can a small business keep up? Here we take a look at some of the ways in which the internet has progressed and what this means for small businesses.

Mobile technology

According to research conducted by Google three years ago, searches carried out on mobile ‘phones significantly outnumbered those conducted on other devices. It has been apparent for some time that websites must function for both desktop users and on mobile devices, but this year, Google is planning to implement a mobile-first index, meaning that if you want your business to appear in searches, it must be compatible for mobile devices. Failure to take these changes into account could mean your business website doesn’t appear in searches at all in the near future.

Structured data

The way in which consumers search is changing with the introduction of voice recognition devices, smart home technology, and fitness ware requiring different methods of accessing information. Structured data is the term used for the labeling system which will allow users to connect in all these diverse ways. You can find more information regarding structured data via this Google guide.

Understand the language of website building

Building a dynamic website means keeping on top of current technological trends, and if you plan to go it alone when maintaining your site, it is advisable to research the basics and to keep up with advancements in this area. One such example is PHP, a scripting language that is faster than others, such as asp. Should you already be knowledgeable in this area, you may still have queries which once resolved could be key in the maintenance of your website. Check out the Php string guide on for information regarding string functions, and for keeping up to date with other areas of technology innovation. If you are not quite at the level of understanding the language of website building, get there by enrolling in a website building course to help you get your website started.

Be found on social media

Social media is an excellent tool for keeping up with current trends and for becoming visible to potential customers. Twitter allows you to follow people in specific fields related to your business and in turn, allows you access to followers interested in what your business has to offer. Maintain a presence on social media, and interact with followers and customers with daily updates to ensure continued interest in your business and product. Using a social media management tool, like Buffer allows you to schedule posts in advance and also allows you to manage all social media accounts from one place. Ensuring you are consistent is a vital part of having a successful social media presence.

With a little organization and the right sources, keeping up-to-date with technological innovation can be a lot easier than it initially seems, allowing your small business to thrive.

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