Essential Services to Outsource to a Virtual Receptionist Provider

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Whatever your chosen industry, you must have a professional and courteous person manning the phones. It might be yourself that handles this, as you are a very young business and as of yet, do not have any employees, or you could have a great receptionist, and only have a problem outside of office hours. Indeed, you may not know how many calls have gone unanswered, and most online businesses have global customers, therefore office hours are a thing of the past, and with that in mind, here are some of the essential services a virtual receptionist provider offers.

  1. Outside Office Hours Cover – If you have a regular receptionist, it is likely your customers will be met with a recorded message after 5pm, and this will do nothing to promote your business. You can easily arrange for the Sydney virtual receptionist Office HQ to cover you from 5pm until 9am the following morning, and of course, weekends. Once the system is in place, every call outside of office hours will be promptly and professionally handled by a qualified receptionist who is located at the call handler’s offices, yet as far as your customer is concerned, the receptionist is at your place of business. The virtual receptionist would use your scripted greeting and would be fully briefed on your company and its products and services, thus ensuring a professional response.
  1. Message Taking – This is a major part of a virtual receptionist service, and all messages would be instantly passed on to the relevant people, which ensure smooth operation. You might, for example, have a mobile emergency service unit and if the virtual receptionist handles all the calls, the mobile servicing unit will be informed immediately and can make the necessary arrangements to service the client.
  1. Overflow Calls – Some businesses experience seasonal surges, and only require help during those times, which is something your local virtual receptionist provider can handle. If, for example, a call isn’t answered within 4 seconds, it will be answered by the virtual receptionist, as your regular receptionist is on another line, yet the customer would never know. It is crucial that all calls are courteously received, and if you would like some further reading on the importance of good telephone etiquette, you can refer to various articles online.
  1. Staff Cover – All employees need their annual break, and with a virtual receptionist in your corner, your business doesn’t have to suffer when your receptionist is on holiday. The same goes for absenteeism through illness or personal reasons. This is a very affordable service, as you only pay when it is used, which might only be three weeks a year, and anytime your receptionist calls in sick, one call and the virtual provider has you covered. No one can afford to have slack customer service, and no matter how efficient your system is, there will be times when key players are absent, and the virtual receptionist will be your safety net, ensuring that all calls are promptly and professionally answered.

Whatever your business, you can benefit from a virtual receptionist service, and with a tailored package, ensuring the very best of customer service won’t cost you a fortune.

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