Designing Your Website For Business Success

Designing a business website is less difficult than you may think, but more difficult than checking your email.  Not only do you need a basic knowledge of how to create a website in the first place, you then need to know how to attract the right eyes.  

Visibility is everything when it comes to existing on the internet.  If no one sees your website, it may as well not even exist. Here are a few design tips to help you succeed online, and build a desirable destination that serves all who visit.

Create specials and deals online

Use your online store location to offer special deals and specials that are not available elsewhere.  Like this example page shows, there’s no shame in dedicating several pages do these deals.  Visitors love to browse.

Design the page so that it is easy to navigate and attractive to the eyes.  You may also feel free to add in other visibility elements to these pages, such as social media and communication.  

Integrate social media into your design

Social media is a hub for free marketing.  If your business website does not offer the chance to link social media and share, then you’re missing out on a whole community of visitors.  

Our digital culture has trained us to expect social media share buttons to be present all throughout the pages we browse.  Web users expect the chance to share anything and everything with our online friends and family.

Communication is vital to success

Just as communication is vital to success in life, it is a vital element of success in business.  If your organization turns a deaf ear to its consumers, you’ll never get ahead. Listen to the people.

Visitor input is the best way to optimize your website to its fullest potential.  The many eyes of the online community will always see a thing or two your design team has missed.  

In addition to a standard “Contact Us” page, make sure you add communication efforts elsewhere on your website.  People should feel like it is easy to share with your organization.   

Optimize for mobile access

Mobile access to the internet has spiked in recent years, and your web design should account for the change.  People are on the move, and they no longer sit at home on their laptops and PCs.

In term of design, this means that your website should be augmented to fit many different, and smaller, screen sizes.  Invest in properly optimizing your site for mobile access to accommodate the majority.

Learn the concepts of SEO

Search engine optimization is a priceless set of concepts that will teach you more about how the internet works.  Understanding the inner workings of the internet, more specifically the internet’s search engines, will help you become a more well-rounded designer.  

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