Brands are Switching to VR and Apps, Is This the Future?

When people view some technology which is being developed and is effectively up-and-coming, they tend to look at the set of end products and drop their jaws in amazement at just what has been achieved. What they often fail to consider is that it was not a straight path to the end, or rather to the present.

For example, if you take into account the latest iPhone in comparison to the first one ever released by Apple, it does indeed make for an impressive journey, but there were a lot of failures forming part of the journey. Not all of the phones released by the tech giant were a hit and some might go as far as saying that many of them were a big flop, especially when you consider just how many “new” features were supposedly being added to each latest version.

Speaking of smartphones in general, have we come as far as we can with regards to the impressive features they can have? It certainly seems that way because how much more memory do you need if you can store all your data in the cloud, for example? How many more SIM cards than the two which can be housed in a dual-SIM phone do you need? How much faster can your smartphone get?

The same could perhaps be said of other technologies like your full-sized desktop computer or your laptop – there’s not much more by way of improvements which would raise an eyebrow in the offing, unless someone comes up with some ground-breaking invention which makes for a complete paradigm shift.

It is for this reason that more and more brands are switching to VR (Virtual Reality) and characteristically pairing that with apps. Since our primary devices appear to have reached peak development status, the natural progression is that which sees us augmenting their use with technologies such as VR. In the very near future perhaps the standard app will be linked to VR in some way with regards to its primary functionality, considerably enhancing the most popular betting apps, gaming apps and others.

Apps which make full use of VR and AR (Augmented Reality) are definitely the future and the future is NOW!

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