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4 Freelance Jobs You Can Do From Home

We all want to have a life filled with freedom, whilst having enough money to fund our lifestyles – and a freelance job can help you do both.

When I first left university, with a mountain of debt and maxed out credit cards, there were a few options I could have taken. I actually did go down the road of a ‘side-hustle’ so to speak, and actually began freelancing as a finance writer for blogs and newspapers. Sometimes the work was sparse or not very well paid, but it created a p[retty steady flow that was ideal for topping up my bank and savings account.

You have to have a certain amount of self-discipline to¬†work from home as a freelancer, it is work and you need to treat it as such. If you’ve got that self-control then here are four jobs you should consider…


Do you have a specific knowledge or skill you can pass onto others? You might play an instrument, know a foreign language or be an amazing photographer. You can teach the talent for a living – and can even do it within your own home. Put out an ad on Facebook or other social media and start with a low price for the first lesson, you can increase this if the interest is pretty big. There’s also online sites that match you up with people wanting to learn your native language, and all you do is Skype with these people to teach them the ropes.

2. Social Media Guru

Do you spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter and more? The chances are, you probably have a good idea of how social media works – and that’s what many companies are looking for. In a world where it’s important to stay ahead of the competition, your online knowledge might be just the thing companies are looking for – with many offering freelance roles you can perform in the home. If you can prove you know how to engage follows and optimise post reach, then businesses will definitely want you to help them.

3. Babysitter

Want to spend more time within the home? Why not become a professional babysitter. Join a reliable programme that can provide your services to families – so the work will come to you and you can pick and choose your hours. This is great if you love kids, but a lot of parents these days are wary of strangers when it comes to babysitting and you may require a CRB or other background check.

4. Writer

Do you love nothing more than writing? Why not make a career out of it. You can write blogs for websites, create press releases for large or small companies or write off-site articles that will educate the online public. If you’ve got a keen eye for grammatical mistakes, people often want others to proofread their work – especially by a native English speaker. There are tonnes of sites out there that you just need to sign up to, post a small biography and wait for the offers to roll in!

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