3 Benefits of Choosing Custom Tie Labels

If you’re already ordering custom ties, why not think about complementing your design with custom tie labels; you’ll be able to dictate everything from the colour of the label to the words that are stitched on it. At first, it might sound like a minor addition, but here are just three great reasons why custom tie labels can make a real difference.

  1. Sign of Quality

Firstly, a custom label underlines the quality of your tie. Not everyone knows how to tell a quality tie by sight, which is why it’s so common for people to opt for cheaper ones. However, a tie that contains a personalised label will instantly feel more upmarket than one that uses a generic label. Even if the label simply gives the name of your club or business, it acts as an indication of the garment’s overall quality.

  1. Tailored Around Your Design

The freedom to decide on your own design and colour scheme is one of the central reasons to opt for custom ties in the first place. What many people fail to appreciate is that standard labels often jar slightly with custom designs. When you go custom with the label as well as the tie itself, you can make both the same colour or incorporate the same design elements to create a more unified whole. In contrast, a simple white label is going to stick out like a sore thumb.

  1. Chance to Get Creative

You could simply stick with the name of your organisation, but there are plenty of chances to get creative with your tie label. If you’re ordering ties for a wedding, you could include the wedding date or the names of the couple. If you’re ordering ties for promotional purposes, you could include a relevant social media hashtag. If you’re ordering university ties, you could include the name of different colleges or departments. The label is out of the way, but it’s not something the wearer will miss, so here is the perfect place to add something distinctive.


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